Example showing a timetable inside a document holder

Example showing awards inside document holders

There are many different possibilities:
School newsletter
Safeguarding text and designated staff
Prayers (which can change based on the calendar such as new year, new school year, May is the month of Mary, Advent, Eastertide etc.)
Notices – for example "Mass is now Friday 15th February"
Parish newsletter
Photo showing priest
Photo showing Bishop
Photo showing Pope Francis
Ofsted logo (either Outstanding or Good)
Our Diocesan Patroness
Diocese crest
Staff list
School prayer
Pupil work
Photos – for example children working, school council, sports teams, Communion, holding up 3D work like pottery
Catholic symbols (which can change over time as there are many different symbols)
Something about Academy if needed (such as mandatory text or a trust  website if it has one)
Weekly statement
School rules
Sheet advertising school website
Fire Safety Plans
Stacks of leaflets or stacks of cards for people to take can also be included (special document holders for these are possible)

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